'Go with the flow' is not something that's always easy to do but it's a motto that will serve you well in the long run, says this sales consultant and professional speaker.
Put another way, when you point one accusing finger there are four others pointing back at you.
Embracing your inner drill sergeant can be a good thing.
Expert sales guru Walter Rogers says objections can basically be boiled down to one of four categories, and once you understand them you can overcome them.
Athletes have used visualization techniques for years. That it works is not in question; the question is, do you use it?
Everyone has fears but you can train yourself to deal with them appropriately.
Customer service after the sale is a good way to distinguish yourself as more than just a sign shop.
Mark Hunter says that no matter if you're talking to a peer, a customer or an employee, don't be afraid to ask questions.
Build your reputation by never compromising on quality.
Asking questions and knowing when the right times are to make suggestions are two keys to building impressions with your clients.