No, the customer isn't always right. Part of good customer service is empowering your employees to be treated with dignity.
Simple things—asking a lot of questions, really listening to the answers—will go a long way in helping you make more sales, Brian Tracy says.
As a business owner you're going to run into rejection. It's how you deal with it that matters.
The lesson is you don't have to be right every time to get it right in the end every time.
Apparently, Zig Ziglar's way with words was passed along to his children.
Habits take more energy to form than they do to maintain. Learn how you can change out the bad for the good.
Good customer service is all about courtesy, compassion, clarity and confidence.
'Go with the flow' is not something that's always easy to do but it's a motto that will serve you well in the long run, says this sales consultant and professional speaker.
Put another way, when you point one accusing finger there are four others pointing back at you.
Embracing your inner drill sergeant can be a good thing.