“We can choose a good attitude or we can choose a bad attitude,” says Emmie Brown, a top sales performer who also has a psychology degree.
Teresa Allen customer service
Engaged employees feel a personal connection to the success of the business, which will surely be reflected in the company's bottom line.
Successful entrepreneur Sallie Krawcheck, who has fought her share of battles in her career, says she's driven primarily by two motivations: anger and gratitude.
While it’s true some have a knack for sale more than others, this expert says it is something that anyone can learn to do—if you like learning.
customer interaction
When dealing with customers the human touch is always best, but technology can actually be a useful tool for staying connected with them and even driving additional revenue to your shop.
This expert says that little things you do physically can definitely affect your mental state, for good or ill.
Leadership, management
Google is known for research-backed leadership wisdom.
Keith Rosen reminds us that sometimes, we need to pause and truly appreciate the gifts we've been given.
emotional triggers
We're all constantly being 'triggered' by something. Learn to make them affect you in a positive, not a negative, way.
sales success
Putting in the work you need to does take effort, but it's always worth it.