Vintage Vinyl: The Unique Sights (and Sounds) of Aussies Wrapping Ninja Bike

For today’s Vintage Vinyl segment we travel to the land down under, where Australia’s Complete Surface Systems made this video a few years ago of a crew member wrapping a Kawasaki Ninja ZX9 motorcycle. The shop used Avery Dennison 721 SC Matte black film to give the bike a menacing, sleek new look. Take note: At about 3:25 into the video, some “music” comes on—if you want to call it that—that sounds like a Tasmanian devil playing a Fender Stratocaster through an amplified electric knife sharpener. It only lasts about a minute but if you listen to the whole thing you might find that your bathtub starts draining in the opposite direction. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Enjoy the video!